Required forms for preschool

Required for all students


School Health and Immunization Forms

Prior to the first day of school, all students must have The Virginia School Entrance Health form and immunization records on file. This form must be signed by your physician and a parent. Children need this initial health form with their physical and immunizations when they start preschool. Only updated immunizations should be provided yearly.
Proof of Identification
An original copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport must be provided to MDO prior to the start of school. The state requires that we view this information. Please also provide a copy of this information for our files.

Required for students who need an epi-pen or benadryl at school

If your child requires that an epi-pen or Benadryl remain at school, then you must provide the proper forms signed by a physician no later then the Open House. We will need the Medical Consent Form and Food Allergy Care Plan Forms. You will also need to provide sealed medication as instructed on the forms.

Medication Consent Form for Allergies

Allergy Emergency Care Plan Forms