5 Star Reviews

What Parents Have to Say!
“It’s hard to put into words exactly what the preschool at MDO has meant to us. We cannot imagine a better place for our daughter to have had her first school experience. A safe and nurturing school; based on strong moral, spiritual and ethical values, administered by amazingly talented, dedicated staff. The staff is very friendly and they care for the kids a lot. The love that they feel for their students is completely apparent immediately in simply the way they look at them. Really enjoy the structured program and academics. My daughter loves to go to school and has learned so much in such a short time. I love how they involve the parents in their events. Thank you for loving our children as your own. We love you all like you’re family and want you to know you hold a forever, special place in our hearts.” ~Layla A.
    • “You deserve many thanks for running such a wonderful, Christ-centered pre-school.  I have been so impressed with my child’s first year of school.  Everyone is so warm and loving…it’s no wonder he loves going to school!  I will not hesitate to recommend your program to anyone!”
    • “Thank you so much to you and your lovely staff for all the hard work, love, and dedication they offer the kids. It truly shows in my kids and their attitude towards school. I’m thankful for a Christlike atmosphere and the all that they learn at MDO.”
    • “MDO was our daughter’s first experience in a child care setting, and one of only a few experiences with caregivers other than her parents.  It was not an easy transition, and at the beginning she was very sad when it was time to drop her off at school.  The teachers and staff went above and beyond providing her with individual attention and helping her (and her mother!)  through this difficult transition.  By the end of the year, she looked forward to her school days and was so proud of all the crafts and pictures she created in class.  We’re very grateful to everyone at MDO for making our first preschool experience a good one.”  
    • “MDO has been a gift for us–Piper’s teachers and the Director have been loving, understanding, and flexible.  Piper walked into the main hall each school day and said loudly “I’m here!”  and she knew there were people at JBC MDO that cared and were glad she had arrived.”
    • “Davey loves his ‘school’ and will definitely be there next year. You are all the most organized, loving, caring group we have ever been a part of for pre-school. I just wish my older kids could have been part of it when they were little!
    • “Thank you and the teachers for all your help and hard work in being supportive of my child.”
    • “This is a good program where the child learns in a friendly environment how to socialize with other kids and teachers and how to be separated from their Mom within a very caring group of people.  The staff are very caring and helpful.”
    • “I wanted to thank you for the extra attention our child received today – I know it helped her to have such caring and personal attention when she was feeling sad.  Her comments about the day have all been positive.”