Pay Online Tuition 

Tuition Fees (2018-2019)

Class Ages Tuition
Little Lambs 1 day 20 – 23 months $100
Bouncing Bunnies 2 days 24 – 35 months $195
Funny Frogs & Terrific Turtles 2 days
(we recommend 3 days for this age)
36  – 47 months $225
Funny Frogs & Terrific Turtles 3 days 36  – 47 months $275
PreK-Kangaroos & Pre-K Koalas 4 days 48 – 59 months $350



Sibling Discount on Tuition Payments: There is a multi-child tuition discount when more than one child from a family is enrolled in our program. A 10% discount will be given to each sibling after the oldest child’s tuition.

Please set up recurring payments that will automatically charge your account every month.

If you made your first tuition payment in July,

your payments end in April for a total of 9 payments.


  • MDO collects a total of 9 tuition payments.
  • Choose “Monthly” for recurring payment.
  • Choose the date you would like payments to end. This is important as payments will continue to be taken if you skip this part. 
  • Be sure to type the name(s) of the child(ren) for whom you are paying tuition in the “Comments” field